Central America

In March 2006, Rev. Preus visited Panama at the invitation of Missionary Rev. Dan McMiller to teach a course on justification for students intending to enter the ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Panama (IELPA). While there, Pastors Preus and McMiller began discussing the possibility of providing theological conferences for pastors in Central America. Our first theological conference in Central America was in Antigua Guatemala October 4-7, 2011. The topic was the doctrine of the office of the holy ministry and was taught by Rev. Sergio Fritzler, President of Seminario Concordia in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Pastors were invited from 7 Central American and Caribbean countries.

In October of 2012 Luther Academy will return to Antigua, inviting the same Central American and Caribbean participants. The Lutheran Church of Guatemala President Eduardo Bonilla is assisting Luther Academy in making arrangements. Law and Gospel will be the topic, and Rev. Dan McMiller in consultation with Rev. Preus and LCMS Regional Director Ted Krey are considering potential presenters.