Since visits made by the late Dr. Robert Preus to Scandinavia in the early 1990s, Luther Academy has enjoyed a relationship with Scandinavian Lutherans that has been both harmonious and beneficial. Dr. Robert Preus, the original director of Luther Academy, became acquainted with many Scandinavian Lutheran pastors already in 1963-64 during a year of sabbatical leave in Norway. Over the years he cultivated those relationships, making friends with Lutheran theologians and leaders all over Scandinavia. In August of 1995, when delivering lectures on Justification in Helsinki, Preus urged confessional Lutherans in Scandinavia to form a group with the same convictions and purposes as Luther Academy (US). Following Dr. Preus’s death in 1995, his son, Reverend Daniel Preus, took over as head of Luther Academy. In the Fall of 1997 Daniel Preus was invited to come to Gothenburg, Sweden the following summer to assist in forming a confessional Lutheran organization in Scandinavia. In August of 1998 the North European Luther Academy (NELA) was founded. Each year NELA and the Luther Academy exchange speakers for the conferences they conduct. Luther Academy assists the NELA by providing it with financial support that enables their conference presentations to be published.