West Africa

During a trip to West Africa, in which Rev. Daniel Preus was the speaker at the first Lutheran Youth Conference of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ghana (ELCG), Rev. Preus met with Dr. Paul Kofi Fynn, President of the ELCG. They spoke about their hope to provide pastors in West Africa with additional theological education that would greatly benefit them in their ministry. As a result of their efforts, the first Luther Academy West African Conference took place in Tema, Ghana, in August 2006 and dealt with the topic of “The Lutheran Confessions in the Light of Religious Pluralism in our Society.” The second annual conference addressed the theme of “Law and Gospel” and the following year “The Person and work of the Holy Spirit was the topic.” Our 2010 conference dealt with the topic of “Preaching Law and Gospel.” These conferences also took place in Tema with pastors from Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Nigeria, Benin and Togo in attendance. As an unexpected and happy result of the conferences conducted by the Luther Academy in West Africa, African Lutheran pastors from six West African countries have taken the initiative of founding the West African Council of Confessinal Lutheran Pastors. This Council will consider ways to promote Confessional Lutheran theology in West Africa.