Luther Academy Overseas Conferences

Serving Lutheran Pastors to the Ends of the Earth


Our brother pastors remain faithful and grow in their confessional Lutheran identity and capacity at times of great trial and opportunity.


Indigenous ordained pastors have limited theological training; reside in isolated areas of the globe; feel threatened in some cases by militant Islam; have limited or no access to other pastors or missionaries; and are often quite impoverished.


In strategic consultation with, and invitation from LCMS World Missions and National church bodies, Luther Academy is caring for indigenous pastors globally.

Luther Academy Conferences are conducted by Lutheran scholars with knowledge of each region and last four to ve days. Costs vary due to local economics and the capacity of local pastors to contribute. Luther Academy costs include airfare, visas, local transportation, meals, housing and a small stipend for guest presenters. Additionally, costs of meals, housing, materials and in some cases transportation for attending pastors may be necessary. e conferences provide strength and encouragement to the pastors and unity in confession.

Luther Academy is immensely grateful for your prayers and support.
Conference Newsletter