The Works of Kurt E. Marquart

Truth, Salvatory and Churchly, Works of Kurt E. Marquart in three volumes:

Volume 1

A lay-level presentation, in nine chapters, of the basics of the Christian faith by a prolific Lutheran pastor and theologian who lived for 14 years in Australia and taught for over 30 years at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana. It is written in an energetic and winsome style typical of the author who taught soberly yet with good humor, holding forth in such a way as to be understood by everyone, making incisive application to contemporary circumstances and events, and above all, constantly riveting on the incarnate Savior and the marks of the church.

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Volume 2

As a seminary professor for over 30 years, Kurt Marquart taught Systematic Theology. He stood out as a specialist in Christian doctrine. This volume contains several of his more scholarly writings dealing with the Lutheran Confessions, dogmatics, and apologetics. Sixteen years of prior seasoning as a parish pastor played more than a small role in making Marquart the magnificent “painter” also a stunning “pointer” who could express the saving truth succinctly and unambiguously, as in these essays.

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Volume 3

The essays in this volume give just a glimpse of the role that Dr. Kurt Erik Marquart played in the Lutheran Church during his ministry of forty-seven years. Not least among Dr. Marquart’s contributions were his lectures and articles devoted to the “public square.” If I would have any advice to pastors, seminary students, and laymen interested in theology, I would paraphrase the advice given to me and say: “Read Professor Marquart and study every article he offers! You can’t do better than that.” When you are finished with Marquart’s writings, then you will be ready for the grand tradition of orthodox Lutheran systematicians that he transmitted and epitomized. Foreword by Martin Noland.

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